all there is to know about electrical actuators!
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There are many process and ways through which things can be set into motion. They also include equipment known as actuator. It is basically a motor which can be run by various sources like electric current and pressures.

What is an electrical actuator?

electrical actuators are motors which are run by electric current and the electrical energy is converted into motion. This motion is used in many places to carry out different functions.

Parts of the actuator run by electric current:

An actuator is made up of many parts and each part plays its own role in making the things attached to it move. The parts are as follows:

· Motor: Two types of motors are commonly used. Either the single phase motor or the triple phase motor. The one most commonly used is the single phase motor. It can run on a variety of voltages.

· Brake: The function of the brake is to prevent the opening of the valve unnecessarily.

· Terminal strip: It supplies power to the other electrical components.

· Capacitor: Through the capacitor, motor gets the kick to get started.

· Open and close limit switches

These switched are used to cut power of the actuator once the position which is desired is reached.

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